Privacy Policy

Registration and personal information

When registering on our website, you will not be required to give away any private information.
In fact, all that you be required to give away is your name and email address.

Making a reservation

To make a reservation we will ask you to fill your details including your budget,
your number of guests, your contact number, your full name, and email address etc.

Special offers

We send out emails detailing ‘service offers’ by various venue providers. The offers sent out are based on your profile and pervious dealings with VenueHook. The notifications and emails are designed to ease out your venue hunting process. However, the emails and alerts can be turned off following our email guidelines.

Correcting and Updating Information

If integral information demands an update, such as change of address then we will see to it that you are provided with a way to edit and upgrade your information


VenueHook uses cookies on its website. However, we do not collect your personal information, such as name, address, contact number and email id. What we do instead is monitor your actions on our website. Your use of our website helps us generate valuable insights into what further can be done to improve our customers’ experience.


VenueHook makes use of cookies to track user activity on the website. The tracking is done to ensure the navigability of the website and areas most visited by the user. The data gathered helps discover most visited pages, least visited pages, traffic sources, top entry pages and duration spent on the website.

Email policy

While you are with VenueHook, you will receive email updates about specials offers, confirmation messages, and policy updates (if any). You can you also opt for our monthly newsletter. However, you can choose not to receive our emails at anytime by simply clicking the “unsubscribe” button in our emails.

Link to other websites

VenueHook might contain links to other websites. At the moment, VenueHook’s website is connected to octopi.

Policy changes

The policy is upgraded time to time. Any changes in the policy are updated on the website alongside a date indicating the enforcement period.